IPL Hair Removal

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IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal

We are using the most efficient and secure technology to treat hair removal, this new technology, which has considerably evolved over the last ten years is the know-how of Eurofeedback the French manufacturer and market leader for 20 years. Eurofeedback is also the only company to have registered a world patent concerning the permanent epilation of white and blond hair.

During IPL or photo-epilation treatments on dark hairs, an applicator head that emits high intensity flashes of filtered light is placed on the treatment area. The energy from this light is absorbed by the melanin, which is responsible for hair pigment or colour is transported to the hair root.

This technique makes it possible to permanently remove unwanted hair, the treatment is painless without risk and innocuous for the face and body. Also, the device is equipped with a water-cooling system for higher efficiency and safety.

A significant discount is available when purchased in a pack of 3 or 6 sessions.

IPL Hair Removal Consultation (30mins) FREE
IPL Hair Removal Face Sides Single Treatment $59.00
IPL Hair Removal Upper Lip Single Treatment $29.00
IPL Hair Removal Chin Single Treatment $29.00
IPL Hair Removal Neck Single Treatment $57.00
IPL Hair Removal Underarms Single Treatment $59.00
IPL Hair Removal Snail Trail Single Treatment $29.00
IPL Hair Removal Half Arms Single Treatment $129.00
IPL Hair Removal Full Arms Single Treatment $159.00
IPL Hair Removal Hands & Fingers Single Treatment $56.00
IPL Hair Removal Areola Single Treatment $39.00
IPL Hair Removal Brazilian Single Treatment $69.00
IPL Hair Removal Bikini Single Treatment $59.00
IPL Hair Removal Half Legs Single Treatment $179.00
IPL Hair Removal Full Legs Single Treatment $209.00
IPL Hair Removal Feet & Toes Single Treatment $45.00
IPL Hair Removal Buttocks Single Treatment $109.00
IPL Hair Removal Full Body Single Treatment $489.00
IPL Hair Removal Female Half Legs + Brazilian + Under Arms Single Treatment $225.00
IPL Hair Removal Female Full Legs + Brazilian + Under Arms Single Treatment $265.00


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